Mini Makers and Micro Makers


Micro Makers - Pre-School - see link below for timetable - $72 for 5 classes or $135 for 10 classes

Weekly 45 min workshop built around the exploration of process art. Process art is just what it says, it is being creative while not worrying about the end product, it's the actual process itself. Asking questions such as I wonder what will happen if I do this? What does it feel like? What will happen if I mix this, or put this on top of that? Or just using a medium to learn how it works on different surfaces. Contact us for more information. 

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Mini Makers - Primary School - see link below for timetable - $17 per class

Weekly 1 Hour workshop. Each week we will encourage children to think about their own individuality, so their work will be uniquely theirs, learning through experimentation and exploration of different mediums. We will also do some craft activities such as weaving, crochet, sewing, origami and macrame. We will spend time talking about famous artists of various mediums and looking at their work as well as planning lessons based on the children's interests. Contact us for more information. 

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2019 Class Timetable and opening hours