My Creative Makes Story


My name is Mel, and I am the owner of Creative Makes. I have always enjoyed being creative. Ever since I was quite small I have loved making things and seeing the joy that this brings to others. I love the process just as much as the end product, getting messy is so much a part of the creativity that the end product simply isn’t as satisfying without the mess (although I’m not sure my husband would agree with me when I’m ‘getting creative’ in the kitchen). Four years ago I obtained my Certificate III in Early Childhood and began to apply my creativity working in an early childhood setting with preschool children. I truly enjoy reliving the feelings of discovery I felt when I was young watching the children explore and create freely and without inhibition.

Working with children at kinder and having children of my own I appreciate the creativity so much more. I can see that it’s not just fun, they are also learning at the same time. Learning what their little hands can do, problem solving, colours, textures, the pride in what they have created and of course they LOVE it! 

Thus Creative Makes was born, both from my own love of art and craft, and the young mind with its inhibition, imagination and inventiveness, and sharing this passion with others. A Creative space for people of ALL AGES!!

I'm all about people getting creative together. I can’t count the number of times that I have been told ‘I’m not crafty’ by adults, but I beg to differ. I think that everyone is capable of doing art and craft. Sometimes I think we get too hung up on the end product, I believe what is important is the process, using your hands to make something, spending the time together with friends or our children being creative is more than just the end product it is the time itself, the process.